In light of the Coronavirus, it has left us at 4site questioning whether our services are considered as ‘essential’ under any potential impending isolation conditions.

Given that our Risk Assessments and Surveys are completed with the sole purpose to preserve life, we feel that it would be counterproductive to the overall goal (of keeping people safe) to place a temporary halt to these services.

Indeed, we don’t claim our operation to be as vital as an emergency response service – and we certainly commend their particular valiant efforts during this difficult time; however, we do record thousands of risks each week at properties across the UK, and so we certainly do form a vital link in the chain of preventing incidents and accidents at your properties, preventing harm before it occurs. This process at your properties should not stop and so we (4site) must seek to reduce any risk of spreading COVID-19 by other means.

The Benefits of Lone Working

This Month, we have adapted our business model to one of home-working, isolating those staff who visit your properties, limiting their contact with others. Most of the sites that our operatives visit tend to be unmanned and so they can continue keeping your properties safe, often without meeting a single individual on route.

Contactless Key Collection

How this Works

Our advisors will call the relevant key-collection-contact (Building Manager, resident etc.) prior to any planned meeting in order to organise a conveniently safe place for the keys to be deposited and collected, remaining at a safe distance and wiping down any surfaces they may touch on their way out.

If you are concerned and would like this to be applied to your key collection, simply contact the office or request at the point of booking.

Cleanliness & Enhanced Monitoring

As a family company of safety professionals, all of our employees have a keen understanding of the impact that their own operation can have on the safety of others, and now it is no different. You can rest assured that this extends to the safety of others as impacted by their own potential ability to spread COVID-19.

Our staff are continually hand washing, wiping down surfaces and keeping a trained eye on their own health and the health of their immediate family. At the first sign or suspicion of any illness developing, our staff will pull themselves from service and immediately quarantine. Since our advisors are temporarily no longer in contact with one another, any such problem will be isolated and have no impact on the rest of our team. The message here is to not compromise the prevalence of one safety routine for the sake of another, any such problem will be isolated and have no impact on the rest of our team or our ability to safely inspect your sites.

We have contingencies to maintain the monitoring of safety management at your properties so, please…

Keep Calm & Complete your Risk Assessments

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