The third full episode of The Block Safety Podcast is now available on YouTube and Spotify !

Episode Three: Projects and Safety explores health and safety considerations for projects in residential blocks. This week we’re joined by three guest speakers, Daniel Walker, Aneel Kilaire and Scott Whitlock, to discuss a variety of topics ranging from Asbestos to CDM regulations to Cladding Removal and Façade surveys.

Firstly our host, Arran, speaks with Daniel Walker, an experienced Asbestos Surveyor, about the different types of Asbestos Surveys; with a particular focus on Asbestos Refurbishment Demolition Surveys and the need for them when demolition and/or refurbishment projects are planned. Daniel also advises that asbestos materials can be found behind cladding or in some instances can be the cladding itself, therefore, an Asbestos Survey should be carried out before plans are made to remove unsafe cladding.

We then spoke with Aneel Kilaire who is an Associate Façade Consultant at Wintech. Aneel explains what a façade is and what risks they can pose to a building in terms of both life safety and building damage. He also discusses the main challenges the industry is up against in terms of the “ever-changing regulatory environment” and touches upon the current situation in which Leaseholders are being told they will need to pay for EWS1 Projects and suggests that “it has been caused be a gap in the guidance.”

Finally, this episode also features an interview by Scott Whitlock, who is a Health and Safety Advisor and CDM Project Manager for 4site Consulting. Scott discusses the CDM Regulations 2015, which clearly identifies roles from start to finish of construction projects. He provides some further details into these roles and who can fulfil them.

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