The first full episode of The Block Safety Podcast by 4site Consulting has launched on our Spotify and YouTube channels.

Episode One: Safety and Property Managers looks at Health and Safety for Managed Blocks from the point of view of a Property Manager and in this exciting episode we interview two guest speakers representing both a larger and a smaller Residential Managing Agent.

Our first guest speaker, Alex Mazurkiewicz​ is an experienced Block Manager from Jones Robinson; a lettings company that has expanded into Block and Property Management. Alex is an Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM), a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and is currently completing a degree in Health and Safety.

Alex has been part of the residential property management industry for over 10 years and speaks with us about the changes in the industry within this time, including the Fire Safety Bill, Building Safety Bill and cladding remediation for high rise blocks. He discusses how Jones Robinson have adapted to recent industry changes and how co-operating and interacting with industry bodies helps immensely.

Our second guest speaker, David Flack is Head of Health and Safety at HML Group and discusses with us how, as a larger organisation, HML Group have adapted to recent and upcoming changes in health and safety legislation for residential property. As an organisation that mostly operates their health and safety needs inhouse, David talks about how HML Group have had to adapt for the Fire Safety Bill; such as by training up staff to carry out Fire Door Inspections, and for the Building Safety Bill by structuring the business to provide things such as the new Building Safety Manager role and Safety Case files.

If you’re a professional from within Residential Property Management why not take a moment to listen to the full podcast on YouTube or Spotify. And, if you’re interested in getting involved in our podcast series please get in touch!