The fourth full episode The Block Safety Podcast is now available on YouTube and Spotify !

Episode Four: Leasehold Insurance and Safety looks at insurance for the Block Management industry with a particular focus on civil liability in managed property, safety defects, and issues with unsafe cladding and insurance.

This latest episode features an interview with Sinead Campbell – Head of Business Development at Residentsline Flat Insurance; who are specialist providers of policies for blocks of flats and apartments for Residents’ Management Companies and Property Managing Agents.

Sinead has over 10 years experience in insurance, mostly within the leasehold and block management industry and in her interview with our host, Arran Simmons, she discusses important topics in risk and insurance for the leasehold industry and answers some key questions including:

  • Does block insurance usually cover for major safety defects?
  • How do known safety issues such as unsafe cladding impact insurance?
  • To which extent do high profile disasters effect the industry and clients?
  • What type of information about a building does a Block Manager need to provide their insurance company?

Sinead also sheds some light on her role at Residentsline and discusses the common pitfalls when insuring blocks of flats.

If you’re a professional from within Residential Property Management why not take a moment to listen to the full podcast on YouTube or Spotify. And, if you’re interested in getting involved in our podcast series please get in touch!