Today, we caught up with Rebecca Rawlins to discuss a day in the life of a 4site Consulting Client Services Executive.

Rebecca has been part of the 4site family for over three years and was recently promoted to the position of Client Services Executive in August 2018. This was a testament to her incredible hard work and commitment as a Client Services Administrator in the years previous! Rebecca dedicates her time to liaising with clients and answering their queries over the phone and via email, as well as regularly visiting clients at their offices to offer face-to-face support and guidance.

We asked Rebecca a few questions about life at 4site:




Firstly, what does your job as Client Services Executive entail?

“It’s a diverse role! Primarily, I act as a liaison between clients and internal departments within 4site. I’m often talking to clients as their first point of contact, but I mostly want to ensure that they are happy with our service there’s no better way to do this than meeting with them in-person. l also keep an eye on projects and ongoing queries for clients, liaising internally with my colleagues to make sure our clients are satisfied.

I like to think that clients feel that they can contact us at any time with any queries, knowing that we will provide support and help them to the best of our ability.”



What is the furthest you have been to visit a client?

“The furthest I have personally travelled to visit a client is Sheffield, which wasn’t too bad as I was able to visit three other nearby clients that day. My colleague, Andrew, routinely visits our clients in both Cornwall and Scotland, so he has trumped me on distance there!”



What is the most interesting event you have attended during your time at 4site?

“Last year, I attended the IRPM Regional Seminar in Manchester. This was a great event and it gave me a good insight into a Property Manager’s day-to-day responsibilities and the other aspects of their job.

There were so many interesting people to talk to at the event, and I was even lucky enough to sit in on some of the sessions.”





When you are visiting clients, what is the most common questions that you are asked?

 “In my experience, the most common topics discussed is how often should risk assessments be carried out, and what are the best ways to manage and action the points raised. It’s a simple enough question, but the answers are often situation based and can be open to subjective opinion, so it’s no surprise that it is always a hot topic.”



Do you provide training when you visit clients?

“Yes, primarily for our free to use web portal which is designed to help the clients manage their portfolios’. Using this, clients can update and manage their reports, upload any documentation related to their sites, and access helpful information and templates.

It is honestly so useful as we have provided our clients with all the tools needed to manage their reports, in one place.

Whilst its designed to be an intuitive system to use, when visiting clients, I always offer training for the web portal, offering assistance and answering any questions they may have.

It is really important to us that clients are confident and comfortable using the tools we offer. A major part of this training includes demonstrating our free site / property inspection app.”




Whether you are an existing client or are interested in our services, Rebecca is always happy to meet at your convenience.

If you would like to meet with Rebecca or require further information then, please contact the team on 01376 572936 or

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