As many of you already know, we offer a free client portal for all of our Property and Block Management clients. Excitingly, our dedicated in-house software development team have been working on a brand-new feature for our client portal, that is going to launch on Monday 12th April and will be accessible via your dashboard.

Smart Safety is a new element of our free safety software, which will provide quick and easy access to the safety information for a building simply using your smart phone.

What exactly is Smart Safety?

As a Property or Block Manager, you can use Smart Safety to customise and print a unique QR code for each of your properties in order to display in the communal areas.

This will give yourself, contractors, visitors and residents/ tenants access to safety information for the building; with information from your Health, Safety and Fire Risk Assessments, Water Hygiene Risk Assessments and Asbestos Surveys accessible on the persons mobile phone or tablet – depending on your preferences. 

The QR code can also be scanned to sign in and out of the building, report on any safety concerns on the property and view any generic building information that is customizable by you.

How will Smart Safety benefit me as a Property Manager?

As always, our latest feature has been designed with Property and Block Managers in mind. We are constantly thinking of ways in which we can assist the industry with managing the health and safety of their buildings.

Person on smart phone

Smart Safety has been designed to reduce the admin needed in order to manage the safety of your sites. For instance, visitors can now sign into the building simply by scanning the unique QR code, which will reduce the need for physical signing in books.

In addition to this, you can keep track of any potential safety concerns raised by residents or tenants.

And importantly, those who live or work in the buildings can raise any such concerns simply by scanning the code with their phones.  Residents/tenants being able to report concerns will be highly important for your resident engagement strategy.

Why is Resident Engagement so important for Residential Property Management?

In response to the Grenfell Tower Tragedy in 2017, Dame Judith Hackitt developed an Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety; known as the Hackitt Review.

One of the key recommendations from the review was that building owners develop a Resident Engagement Strategy. This is because Dame Judith found that residents did not have a strong enough voice in the safety management of the buildings they live in.

One of the specific concerns that The Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety addressed was that residents often struggled to get their complaints addressed, therefore, having a Resident Engagement Strategy in place will aim to give residents an effective escalation route to voice their concerns.

As a Property Manager, you can use Smart Safety to print off the unique QR code for your building and residents can report any safety concerns for the building that may arise.

Residents’ voice is so important, and though this does not replace the need for a Resident Engagement Strategy, it provides a way for residents to efficiently report any safety concerns for their building using their smart phones. You can find out more about Resident Engagement Strategy here.

Our risk management software is free for all of our clients and gives you the crucial tools needed to efficiently manage the safety of your properties.

If you would like further information about Smart Safety or about our Client Portal in general then please get in touch and we can arrange a free web demonstration or a call to discuss further.

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