In our latest blog we take a look at some of the most common statements that are made about asbestos and determine whether or not they are true:



1. “In small amounts, asbestos is not harmful…”

This is FALSE. There is no known safe level of exposure.”




2. “White asbestos is not dangerous…”

This is FALSE. Though both blue and brown asbestos are recognised as the more dangerous forms, exposure to white asbestos also very harmful.






3. “Asbestos-related diseases are not contagious…”

This is TRUE. The disease itself is not contagious, however, people who work around it may accidentally transfer the harmful fibres to others (for example, via their clothing). There are many documented cases of this happening.





4. “It is safe to remove asbestos yourself as long as you wear a mask…”

This is FALSE. Fibres become harmful when they are disturbed, therefore, asbestos removal is particularly dangerous. A qualified and licensed removal company should be employed to carry this work out.









5. “Asbestos is not a problem anymore, because it has been banned…”

This is FALSE. The use of asbestos was banned in 1999, however, it is still found in many buildings built before 2000. It is also believed that more than 75% of school buildings in Britain contain asbestos. Therefore, it can still become a problem if disturbed.




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